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Newsletter November 20, 2005 | Vol. 3





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AZC Series



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- PS-MZ502 - Sale!

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Stand Alone

- Stand Alone


- AZC Series




The AZC Series thermostats are the best stand-alone controllers offered today.

Both the wall-mount and flush mounts room thermostats offer a proportional damper output, as well as one of the most convenient features; Auto-Changeover Mode. The mode is automatically determined by a special duct sensor without ever being connected to an HVAC system. This duct sensor will simply sense the airflow temperature coming through the damper and set the mode accordingly. If the airflow is 21C (70F) or less, the mode will be set to Cool, and if the airflow temperature is 23C (74F) or more, the mode will be set to Heat. This amazing feature allows users to simply set their thermostats to Auto and walk away, knowing that each room will get the cooling or heating it needs!



  • General purpose, 24Vac dampers suitable

  • Proportional (3-wire) damper output

  • Adjustable open/close time for dampers

  • Special duct sensor input for Auto-Changeover mode- sensor selects mode

  • External sensor- option


                                          ETN-24-AZC                                        FMT-24-AZC



See Data Sheet of ETN-24-AZC >>>


See Data Sheet of FMT-24-AZC >>>



The ETN-24-AZC and the FMT-24-AZC will soon be compatible with the Maxinet system.



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