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Newsletter – November 20, 2005 | Vol. 3




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Stand Alone Dampers



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Meitav-tec Goes ISO

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- PS-MZ502 - Sale!

- PS-2007/E

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Stand Alone

- Stand Alone


- AZC Series







The stand-alone damper approach to climate control is the best way to regulate the airflow throughout your house, office…. without being connected to an HVAC system.

Working only based on the mode and the set point (whether there is demand or not), the damper will open or close accordingly.

The dampers have proportional outputs and can be controlled either by room thermostats (flush-mount or wall-mount) or IR hand-held remote controls.

All in all, this is an extremely simple and efficient way of controlling the heating or cooling of several different rooms, saving considerable energy and money.



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