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Newsletter – November 20, 2005 | Vol. 3


    PS-MZ100 & PS-MZ200 Data SheetGeneral Overview of All Multizones

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Meitav-tec Goes ISO

——————————Multi Zones

- Overview of all


- PS-MZ502 - Sale!

- PS-2007/E

- PS-MZ100 & 200


Stand Alone

- Stand Alone


- AZC Series







The multi-zone systems PS-MZ100/200 are the perfect solutions for small to medium applications, whether they are commercial, industrial or residential.

Controlling up to 4 or 7 zones (PS-MZ100 or 200, respectively), this series is compatible with either Heat/Cool or Heat Pump HVAC systems.

A Fresh Air damper output is available, and the FAD can be controlled by 1 of 2 logics; or by a timer (minutes per hour) or by temperature (difference between indoor and outdoor temperature).

One main board is required per system, but the zone and master controller can be mixed and matched. For example, either flush-mount or wall- mount thermostats are available, programmable (5-1-1) or non-programmable …the user can select which controller to put in each zone, keeping in mind that one of the zone controllers serves as the master as well. Plus, with the quick connectors from the thermostats to the main board, installation is quick, simple, time and cost efficient!


PS-MZ100/200 Layout




  • General purpose, 24Vac dampers suitable (3-wire, ON/OFF)

  • Bypass damper output- option

  • Fresh Air Damper output- option

  • Multiple stages for Heat and Cool (up to 5 stages for each)

  • Auto-Changeover or Manual mode selection

  • Zone thermostats programmable- ideal for less occupied zones

  • Indoor coil sensor-option (freeze protection in Cool)

  • Outdoor temperature sensor- option (Fresh Air damper)

  • External sensor input- option (Fresh Air damper)


See Data Sheet of PS-MZ100 and PS-MZ200 >>>


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