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Newsletter – November 20, 2005 | Vol. 3



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Ges-Teknik Multi-Sells the Multi-Zone!!!!



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Meitav-tec Goes ISO

——————————Multi Zones

- Overview of all


- PS-MZ502 - Sale!

- PS-2007/E

- PS-MZ100 & 200


Stand Alone

- Stand Alone


- AZC Series







A special thank you and thumbs up goes to our wonderful agent in Turkey, Ges-Teknik, headed by the one and only Muzaffer Kazakoglu.

With his determination and knowledge, Ges-Teknik recently sold 9 complete sets of the multi-zone system PSMZ 500, all to be installed in the same building. Such use of this system in a commercial building is a perfect example of the type of application the system is suitable for. With 9 floors in the building, each PSMZ 500 will be installed on a separate floor, and will control a maximum of 32 rooms on each floor.

Gas-Teknik Team


The project has since been completed and the end user has never been more pleased with the results. This is yet another positive step in the right direction for Meitav-tec’s partnership with Ges-Teknik as well as our presence in the Turkish market’s HVAC industry.

In addition, Muzaffer will soon be visiting us in here Israel and attending the Israel HVAC exhibition in November 2005, which we consider a treat….


All in all, we look forward to continued success with Ges-Teknik…..




Good job Muzaffer!!




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