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Newsletter – February 23, 2006 | Vol. 4



 In this Issue:




- CEO-24-HC22

- CEM-24-Super

- CEV-24-Super




- M6001-T1-T2-AN

- Lead-Lag Controller


MCE Exhibition Milan, 2006






Telephone Thermostats & Special Controllers



By definition, the concept of thermostats and climate control is designed to enhance and facilitate the comfort level of its users.

Meitav-tec is therefore always thinking outside the box, looking for new ways to make not only the temperature comfortable, but also the method by which it is accessible.

We have developed controllers with integrated voice and telephone options, as well products which give the users the freedom to “custom-build” their control systems.

These unique items are less often talked about, but should by no means be ignored, as demand for them is high. We are proud to break into yet another market niche and once again, offer convenient solutions for particular climate-control needs.




Telephone Thermostats



Wall-mount thermostat with telephone and voice capabilities, can be controlled from a remote location and CALLS-OUT TO USER IN CASE OF ALARM SITUATION.

The CEO-24-HC22 series is the “big brother” (upgraded) version of the CEM-24. It offers all the same wonderful telephone and voice options, but has a bonus feature; the CEO-24-HC22 calls out!

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Wall-mount thermostat with telephone and voice capabilities, can be controlled from a remote location.

The CEM-24-Super series is an indispensable tool for any property owner, particularly one who owns a second home, cottage or condo. The CEM-24 allows the user to call it from a remote location and make modifications to settings such as mode, temperature and system On/Off.

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Wall-mount thermostat with built-in speaker, specially designed for visually-impaired individuals.

The CEV-24-Super series is the perfect thermostat for visually-impaired individuals. With voice commands clearly guiding the user, he/she is able to verify and change basic parameters such as mode and temperature.

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Multi-Stage Controller



The new and intelligent multi-stage controller that will solve all your problems

The M6000-T1-T2-AN controller is the easiest way to “custom-build” your HVAC control system.

Suitable for even the largest of applications such as chillers or large air-handling units, the M6000-T1-T2-AN allows you to pre-set all stages and parameters.

Each stage corresponds to an output that can be individually programmed, and the M6000-T1-T2-AN offers 6 of these outputs. In addition, it also offers 2 separate outputs for the Fans.

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Lead-Lag Controller


The Lead-Lag controller is ideal for remote locations where two separate cooling units are used.

With one of the compressors being the primary unit and the second compressor being the back-up or stand-by unit, a special type of controller is needed, i.e.; the Lead-Lag controller.

It controls the two cooling units by treating them as two different stages and operates according to either a time-dependent logic or a temperature-dependent logic.

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MCE Exhibition- Milan, 2006



The Comfort & Living Technology Exhibition- Milan, 2006

Ricardo Roitman will be attending the 2006 MCE (Mostra Convegno Expocomfort) show in Milan, Italy, together with our agent Deserti.

We invite you to call and schedule a meeting with him ahead of time, and we look forward to seeing you there.

Pad 22 Stand S36

Visit the 2006 MCE show web site >>>

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