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Newsletter – February 23, 2006 | Vol. 4





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- CEO-24-HC22

- CEM-24-Super

- CEV-24-Super




- M6001-T1-T2-AN

- Lead-Lag Controller


MCE Exhibition Milan, 2006






Wall-mount thermostat with telephone and voice capabilities, can be controlled from a remote location and CALLS-OUT TO USER IN CASE OF ALARM SITUATION.

The CEO-24-HC22 series is the “big brother” (upgraded) version of the CEM-24. It offers all the same wonderful telephone and voice options, but has a bonus feature; the CEO-24-HC22 calls out! This means that the thermostat will call and notify the user if an alarm situation occurs, such as the temperature rising or dropping to a dangerous level. This is exceptionally useful for rooms where keeping the ambient temperature within range is crucial, such as computer rooms, as well for areas exposed to particularly harsh weather conditions.




The user may program up to 3 different telephone numbers and the CEO will call each one in turn in case of “no-answer” or in case an answering machine picks up. In addition, if the line is busy, the CEO will hang up and re-try the call every 2 minutes until it is able to get through.

As with the CEM-24, ideal locations for the CEO-24-HC22 are second homes, condos or cottages and installation remains extremely simple with no extra phone line required! Simply connect it to an already existing phone line as you would any other device such as a fax machine or an answering machine.



  • Telephone communication:

    • Thermostat calls-out to user in case of alarm situation.

    • Check or set mode and temperature from a remote location by calling the thermostat.

  • Heat/Cool system configuration- up to 2 stages of Cool and 2 stages of Heat

  • Alarm indication output

  • Fault input, 24Vac

  • 5-1-1 weekly program

  • Economy mode (set-back/unoccupied mode)

* Languages available: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Hebrew


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