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Newsletter – February 23, 2006 | Vol. 4





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Lead-Lag Controller



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- Lead-Lag Controller


MCE Exhibition Milan, 2006






The Lead-Lag controller is ideal for remote locations where two separate cooling units are used. With one of the compressors being the primary unit and the second compressor being the back-up or stand-by unit, a special type of controller is needed, i.e.; the Lead-Lag controller. It controls the two cooling units by treating them as two different stages and operates according to either a time-dependent logic or a temperature-dependent logic.





Using the time-dependent logic, the controller will cycle each compressor “On/Off” every 24 hours, interchanging the primary unit with the stand-by one. This cycling method greatly reduces the wear and tear of the compressors.

However, because a maximum difference of 4°C is allowed between the room temperature and the set temperature, the controller will activate the stand-by unit if this difference is exceeded, even if 24 hrs have not yet passed. It will shut down the stand-by unit only once the temperature difference returns to within the 4°C range. This temperature-based control method will override the time-based logic when necessary.

In addition, a convenient ETN thermostat is mounted onto the Lead-Lag controller so that the ambient temperature may always be indicated.



  • Auto switch-over from one unit to the other every 24 hrs.

  • On-duty unit compressor cycles between “On” and “Off” depending on room temp. and set temp.

  • Manual switch-over (3 positions) between “Auto”, “Off” and “Manual”

  • Fault indication when ambient temperature rises above 28°C

  • External sensor for ambient room temperature



See Data Sheet of Lead-Lag Controller >>>



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