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Newsletter – February 23, 2006 | Vol. 4





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- CEO-24-HC22

- CEM-24-Super

- CEV-24-Super




- M6001-T1-T2-AN

- Lead-Lag Controller


MCE Exhibition Milan, 2006






Wall-mount thermostat with telephone and voice capabilities, can be controlled from a remote location.

The CEM-24-Super series is an indispensable tool for any property owner, particularly one who owns a second home, cottage or condo. The CEM-24 allows the user to call it from a remote location and make modifications to settings such as mode, temperature and system On/Off.




The CEM-24 connects to a regular, already existing phone line with no extra installation needed!

It does not require a dedicated phone line and is connected as just another device, in exactly the same way a fax or answering machine is.

The CEM-24 is ideal for all those times you forgot to turn off your air conditioner before a week-end getaway or want to turn on the heat ahead of time so that you don’t walk into to a frozen upstate cottage. But above all, it offers users the basic peace of mind of knowing that they can always check the status of their home wherever, whenever.



  • Built-in Telephone Communication- check or set mode and temperature from a remote location by calling thermostat

  • Selectable system configuration- Heat/Cool or Heat Pump

  • Alarm indication output

  • 5-1-1 weekly program

  • Economy mode (set-back/unoccupied mode)

* Languages available: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Hebrew


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