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Newsletter – February 23, 2006 | Vol. 4





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- CEO-24-HC22

- CEM-24-Super

- CEV-24-Super




- M6001-T1-T2-AN

- Lead-Lag Controller


MCE Exhibition Milan, 2006






Intelligent and Fully programmable multi-stage controller

The M6000-T1-T2-AN controller is the easiest way to “custom-build” your HVAC control system.

Suitable for even the largest of applications such as chillers or large air-handling units, the

M6000-T1-T2-AN allows you to pre-set all stages and parameters (see example below).

Each stage corresponds to an output that can be individually programmed, and the M6000-T1-T2-AN

offers 6 of these outputs.

In addition, it also offers 2 separate outputs for the Fans.


For example:

Each stage/output can be programmed as one of the following parameters:

  • Set Point

  • Input to operate by (analog, T1 or T2- inputs may be combined)

  • Temperature differential (between stages)

  • Logic to operate by (cool or heat)

  • Compressor delay (yes or no)






See Data Sheet of M6000-T1-T2-AN Controller >>>



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