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Newsletter – October 29, 2006 | Vol. 5





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Why Communication?? Discover the Potential…….



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Open Protocols

- Why Communication? (Discover the Potential...)

- Meitav-tec's Approach

- Communication Made Simple

- Case Studies


The Thermostats






In today’s high tech world, advanced technologies are the focus of every market, including that of HVAC. And when we talk about advanced technology in HVAC, the reference is clearly to one thing and one thing only; communication.

The main purpose of communication control systems is to save energy, which translates into saving money!!

In every house, every hotel, every office building, the #1 energy consumer is without a doubt the climate control system (heating / cooling).

What if there was a way to significantly reduce your electricity bill?

This question is relevant in particular when it comes to commercial level, where utility bills can run as high as tens of thousands of dollars a month. Fortunately today, there is a way for building owners to take control of these sky-high prices and that is through centralized, smart and sophisticated communication controllers. This and only this, is irrefutably the KEY to reduced energy costs.


Energy consumption of Stand-alone units vs. Communication units


How So?

Communication systems, also known as Energy Management Systems (EMS), provide the user with the tools necessary to intelligently control when and how much energy is consumed. From a remote location, the user may view and manage for example, various inputs for occupancy sensors, window contacts and temperature sensors, as well as features such as set point limits, etc… This type of management clearly offers comfort and convenience as bonuses, but the real punch line is again the energy savings that may be achieved and the level of total control the user now has at his fingertips.


With user-friendly interfaces, Building Management Systems (BMS) are being implemented in just about every new construction project, and the notion of communication and EMS is always the focal point. We talk about the integration of various control systems, we talk about freedom for the building owner and we talk about simplicity for the system integrator. All of the above are achieved not only by implementing the correct communication systems, but also by understanding them fully.  


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