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Newsletter – October 29, 2006 | Vol. 5


 In this Issue:



Open Protocols

- Why Communication? (Discover the Potential...)

- Meitav-tec's Approach

- Communication Made Simple

- Case Studies


The Thermostats








Communication - Open Protocols




What is the link between communication technology and HVAC control systems?

More importantly, how does Meitav-tec fit into this picture?

Control systems everywhere are no longer restricted to being stand-alone; rather they can now be part of larger networks where every device can communicates with one another and with the central controller. This is true for the controls of HVAC systems as well, which when communication-based, can ultimately lead to significant energy savings.

As for Meitav-tec, our expertise in providing state-of the-art solutions for any HVAC control application has now spread to the field of communication. Our units can be integrated into large, global Building Management Systems while always staying simple, affordable and approachable to all.

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Why Communication?

Make it Simple


The Thermostats


In today’s high tech world, advanced technologies are the focus of every market, including that of HVAC. And when we talk about advanced technology in HVAC, the reference is clearly to one thing and one thing only; communication.  

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Although communication in the field of HVAC is taking over the market, there still seems to be some skepticism.

It is time to distinguish between fact and fiction.

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Meitav-tec offers units for all types of fan coil applications, based on their specific valve outputs.

Each type of controller is available with the following protocols:

- BACnet (2500 Series)

- Modbus (4500 Series)

On/Off (Relay).....PS-X500-3S-FC-SUPER




Actuator Valve


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Meitav-tec’s Approach

Case Studies


Meitav-tec offers controllers with BACnet and Modbus Protocols.

Meitav-tec decided to focus on fan coils, machines that are relatively simple and do not require a complicated, universal controller.

We have decided instead to provide one specialized controller for each fan coil in the building.

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Our communication units have been the integral part of many large building projects around the world.

The advantages they offer in terms of suitability, simplicity and cost simply cannot be beaten. Certain specific examples include the INTERCONTINENTAL hotel in Hong Kong.

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In Focus

Next Edition: MaxiNet


From May 4th to May 7th 2006, Meitav-tec proudly attended the ISK-SODEX HVAC exhibition in Istanbul, together with its agent in Turkey, Muzaffer Kazakoglu.

The show was visited by HVAC professionals from all over Europe and Asia and was overall a great success. Please click below to read Meitav-tec’s interview with “Refrige Portal” about the show, and for pictures from the exhibition itself.

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The next edition of our newsletter will feature Meitav-tec's own MaxiNet protocol.

This is a complete control system designed specifically for small to medium applications and perfect for thermostat networks.

This system is entirely Plug'N'Play and can help you save thousands on your electricity bill.

Stay tuned....

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