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Newsletter – October 29, 2006 | Vol. 5





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Meitav-Tec’s Approach



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Open Protocols

- Why Communication? (Discover the Potential...)

- Meitav-tec's Approach

- Communication Made Simple

- Case Studies


The Thermostats






Meitav-tec offers controllers with BACnet and MODBUS protocols.

Most of the big players today offer communication solutions through large, programmable controllers, where the user then defines how to make use of the inputs and outputs available. These universal DDC controllers require programming in the field, which means extra time and cost during field installation. These types of units are also very expensive since they are “blank slates” which can be used in most applications the user defines.

Meitav-tec has taken a slightly different route when it comes to communication. We have decided to focus on the fan coils, machines that are relatively simple and have no need for complicated, universal controllers. Instead, our solution is to offer one specialized, pre-programmed controller for each fan coil, with all the options necessary for accurate and detailed control of the fan coil.  

Since each one of our controllers is provided with its’ own Object List, the system integrator has in his possession all the existing points he needs to smoothly integrate the controller into larger BMS systems. With no programming or configuration of the unit required on site, the overall costs and time of field installation is drastically reduced.

In addition, since our controllers are specifically designed for fan coil applications, they can be offered at a fraction of the cost of larger DDC controllers. This gives Meitav-tec and project contractors, the price advantage when bidding for projects. Since fan coils are vastly used in any building, the controls associated with each one must be price affordable, since this is what will inevitably make up the largest financial portion of the project.

Our open protocol controllers for fan coil units are divided into four different categories, based on the specific application. They are:

  • On/Off valves

  • Proportional 0-10Vdc valves

  • Proportional 3-point floating valves

  • Proportional Thermal Actuator valves

All of the above are available with BACnet and Modbus protocols.


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