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Newsletter – October 29, 2006 | Vol. 5





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- Why Communication? (Discover the Potential...)

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The Thermostats





Our communication units have been the integral part of many large building projects around the world. The advantages they offer in terms of suitability, simplicity and cost simply cannot be beaten.

Certain specific examples include the INTERCONTINENTAL hotel in Hong Kong.

The best example perhaps, which ties in all that has been mentioned in this newsletter, is that of our agent in the UK, Robert Wood.

Mr. Wood started off  by selling a single project to TOTAL, the UK agent for Alerton, one of the largest suppliers of DDC communication units. For this particular project, TOTAL needed an intelligent solution for the control of the fan coils and needed to offer it at an attractive price in order to be awarded the project. TOTAL then turned to Robert Wood at SCI UK for such a solution, which came in the form of our BACnet controllers.

Using Meitav-tec’s Bacnet units, TOTAL not only won the bid, but also realized the immense market potential that exists when using these units. As a result, TOTAL has signed an exclusivity agreement with Robert Wood, giving TOTAL the sole distribution rights of Meitav-tec’s Bacnet products in the UK. This wonderful milestone could not have been reached without the commitment and know-how of Robert.

Thank you for this outstanding achievement. 


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