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EC-300 Energy Controller

  • The EC-300 can be easily connected to any existing HVAC system to save on energy costs.

  • The EC-300 will cut off power supply to HVAC & Lighting

systems according to  occupancy status in
a room and/or other inputs.

  • Ideal for hotels
    bedrooms, offices, conference rooms
    or others.



Use Meitav-tec's new MIGA-AB to easily
control multiple fan-coils from one master unit!

  • Each MIGA controller works according to its
    local ambient temperature, but controls
    temperature according to the orders
    received from the master MIGA AB.

  • Perfect for open space applications.



Free Cooling
  • Energy saving solution
    to cool room temperature
    by outside fresh air.

  • Serves as a complementary to an existing HVAC control system.

Meitav-tec has
its website
with a new, refreshing homepage with a lively look and important, useful content and links.

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