September 17, 2009 | Vol. 14   Print E-mail Web

Meitav-tec has recently renewed its website with a new, refreshing homepage with a lively look and important, useful content and links.The new homepage includes information on various topics, such as Building Automation, Energy Saving, Company Profile, News Flashes and


also Product Search and Help Me Choose wizard.

Apart from the above mentioned information, further sections and updates have been added recently to the website:

  • Energy Saving Tips have been added under Useful Information category. The tips illustrate simple, practical examples on how to save energy on HVAC in our daily life.

  • Explanation on Naming method of Meitav-tec's products under Useful Information category.

  • New Company profile.

We hope that the new homepage will facilitate navigation and access both for our veteran users and new visitors.

You are most welcome to explore these items, and you can feel free to send us your feedback.

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