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for Multiple Fan Coil Control

Miga-1 has been extremely popular in the market for many years as its qualities are well appreciated, especially by OEM's, due to its suitability for different Fan Coil applications, i.e., 2 pipe, 4 pipe or no valve system by simply selecting a jumper. In addition to its versatility, Meitav-tec's customers acknowledge MIGA 1's high reliability, with absolutely no failures in operation.

MIGA AB's Qualities:

  • Simple operation for multiple Fan-Coils; one panel button press for all fan coils

  • Users don't change their HVAC settings

  • Saves money on thermostat panels

  • Saves money on installation, i.e., wiring between controllers and their panels

MIGA AB is available with either ETN or FMH panel.
(M101P IR receiver panel is also available to be connected to each MIGA slave)

MIGA AB Master panel sets the following parameters:

  • On/Off

  • Temperature set-point

  • Mode

  • Fan Speeds

The Newly developed MIGA AB offers the same advantages with supplementary benefit, extremely useful for open spaces. Being a master panel, ETN/MIGA AB controls up to 32 MIGA slave controllers, which need the same working parameters. Each MIGA board controls temperature according to the orders received from the master ETN/MIGA AB panel, but works according to its local ambient temperature, measured by its temperature sensors. It is therefore a great solution for open spaces, such as banks, large stores and other applications where one set of parameters suits the whole space.

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