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  Energy Controller



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The EC-300 Energy Controller eliminates energy waste in any room
while no replacement or adjustment of the existing HVAC or lighting systems is required.

The EC-300 cuts off electricity to HVAC & lighting systems in a room, according to occupancy changes, to save on their operation. Presence detection is achieved via an Infra Red Occupancy sensor and Contact Inputs, such as a door switch or a window contact.

It is particularly useful in hotel bedrooms, hotels business centers, offices and conference rooms.

Features & Benefits:

  • Controlling any existing HVAC system; no need to replace the original control.

  • Turning HVAC system off after a configurable delay, according to occupancy changes in a room and other inputs.

  • Controlling room lighting.

  • Adjustable temperature limits for Cool & Heat.

  • IR occupancy sensor is provided with the controller.

  • Ability to work with either Normally Open or Normally Closed inputs.

  • Low cost, affordable energy Controller; Immediate ROI for the end customer.

The EC-300 introduces substantial qualities, based on the following inputs:

Input #1: Occupancy Sensor
When no presence is detected by the occupancy sensor, HVAC and lights turn off after adjustable time.

Input #2: Window Contact (2 separate inputs are available)
When someone opens the window, HVAC turns off while lights remain on.

Input #3: Door Switch
Suitable for hotel bedrooms, the EC-300 takes into account lack of movement in the room during sleeping periods and lets HVAC keep working.

Input #4: Room Temperature Sensor
High & Low Temperature Limits can be defined. EC-300 will cut off power supply to HVAC when Set Temperature exceeds the pre-defined values.


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