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one of the world's leading companies in the field of intelligent HVAC temperature control. Since its foundation in 1989, Meitav-tec has been providing innovative, tailor made solutions for temperature control. Driven by technological innovation and guided by a veteran, top expertise R&D team, Meitav-tec has an ample experience in the design, manufacture, sale and support of temperature control solutions. Our high quality, reliable products provide our customers with the latest, state-of-the-art technology at an affordable price.
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News Flashes

VFS Fan-Coil controller. Variable Fan Speed control for Fan-Coil applications. Link for more info.

The PYROSELF (outdoor Snow melting controller) is now available for orders

The new ETNC-24-FC-PIR-BAC-01 offer both a built in occupancy sensor (PIR) and BACnet interface

The first snow in Canada finally arrived. The PYROSENSE snow sensors were waiting for it for months and were well prepared to the task. The PYRO_X systems worked and the snow was melted from the driveways as expected. We are proud to announce that the PYRO_X system is field proved or better said – snow proved

The Snow melt controller PYROCON12 is UL certified

PYRO_X - Meitav-tec outdoor Snow Melting control – an innovative solution for outdoor snow and ice melting control

CTU controllers are BTL Certified

New energy saving product! The TLC is a Temperature Limit Controller, ready to be installed at any existing A/C system.
(Also available in 24VAC version)

Another superior thermostat from Meitav-tec!
The FMHC220-FC-MDB03 with Modbus protocol is highly versatile offering various selectable modes and options to best suit your application.

TS-05 & TS-06
::  External Temperature Sensors
:: Thermistor coated with isolating plastic cover
:: Suitable for 230/115/24VAC thermostats

The upgraded energy saving thermostat,
ETN24-PH-FC-SUPER , offers up to 18 configurations built in. With a proportional output for Cool and an On-Off output for Heat, it is suitable for Cool/Heat or Cool Only FC applications.

Meitav-tec's multi purpose I/O card is now available also in BACnet or Modbus interface for B.M.S., offering high performance reliability and ease of use.

The new MIGA AB allows control of multiple fan-coil controllers, linked one to another, via a master panel.
Ideal for open spaces.

New product version release!
The FMH-FC-SUPER4 is a versatile controller for fan coil applications with a special input for several functional options.
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'Free Cooling' is an additional controller
Meitav-tec has designed for energy saving. This Cool Only controller cools room temperature by outside fresh, cool air.
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New Product release:
EC-300, Energy Controller, for energy saving in hotel and office applications.
EC-300 - read more

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) have been added to our website under Useful Information category.
You can find there important information on installation instructions, relevant terminology explanations and more.

The FMHC220-P-FC-MDB01 is a stand alone, proportional thermostat for 2-Pipe or 4-Pipe applications with Modbus protocol for B.M.S.

Meitav-tec announces an updated version of
Maxinet logo
See product demo at

The newly upgraded version of
ETN-24-P-PD-FC-SUPER2 thermostat for Fan Coil Proportional valve applications is available!
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