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Hotels, Towers and Universities with Meitav-tec's products in North America

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+ American Hotels

+ Canadian Hotels

+ Condominium Towers, NYC

+ University Residence

Meitav-tec's thermostats are installed in first class, prestigious hotels in North America, such as the Venetian Casino Hotel in Las Vegas and the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York as well as in deluxe condominium towers and cozy university residences.   

Meitav-tec's thermostats offer valuable features for effective energy saving and comfortable settings by guests or residents:

  • Energy saving features

  • Simple, user friendly interface

  • Lock button option

  • Limit set points

  • Pre-set parameters to eliminate problems users may encounter


American Hotels


Hotel/Building Name Thermostat Type Qty
Venetian Casino Hotel, Las Vegas ETN 3,300
Marriott Hotel, Atlanta ETN + communication 330
Marriott Marquis Hotel,  New York ETN-programmable 3 speeds  
W Chicago Lakeshore ETNC 600
W New York 201 Park Ave TED 270
Gramercy Park Hotel, New York ETN 185
Union Square Fan coil thermostat, 3 speed  
Paramount hotel, NYC ETN 597
Houstonian Hotel, Houston TX ETN + communication 300
Don Shula Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida ERT 300


Canadian Hotels


Hotel/Building Name Thermostat Type Qty
Vintage Hotels, Niagara On The Lake ETN + communication 125
Casino Rama Hotel, Ontario ETN Super SH 310
Comfort Suites Newmarket , Ontario ETN + communication 125


Condominium Towers, NYC


Hotel/Building Name Thermostat Type Qty
Battery Park City River Terrace CTR 600
Beekman Towers, 1269 Lexington FMT 1750
Battery Park City site 23/24 FMT 1400
305 E85th St     FMT 297
Rock Rose Queens West FMT 544
Battery Park Site 3 FMT 606
Union Square FMT 450


University Residence


Hotel/Building Name Thermostat Type Qty
San Jose State University ETN Super Programmable 700






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