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+ On-Off Thermostats

+ Proportional Thermostats

+ Multi-Zone Systems

+ Damper Applications

+ Fan Coil Stand-Alone Controllers

+ Floor Heating

+ HVAC Analyzer

+ Air Quality

+ Snow Melting Control

+ Humidity Controllers

+ Sensors & Accessories

+ MaxiNet - Thermostats Network

+ Communication

+ Special Controllers

+ Power Supplies

Touch Screen Thermostats

Touch screen, flush mount thermostats and wall panels
for various HVAC applications, with On-Off or Proportional outputs for cooling and heating.
On-Off Thermostats

Surface/Wall-mount thermostats
Main input 24Vac, with On-Off outputs for cooling and heating..
Available with 1 or 3 speeds.
Proportional Thermostats

Proportional Integral Controllers for Fan Coils or VAV
24Vac, 0-10Vdc or 3-wire
Multi-Zone Systems

Energy saving, climate-control system, capable of handling multiple zones using one main controller, and motorized dampers.
Meitav-tec offers 3 different types of Multi-Zone systems, each designed for various applications, whether residential or commercial.
Damper Applications

Damper applications for climate control are the best way to regulate the airflow throughout your house, office…. without being connected to an HVAC system.
Working only based on the mode and the set point (whether there is demand or not), the damper will open or close accordingly.
Fan Coil Stand Alone Controllers

Main Controller All In One.
Flexible solution for Fan coil applications.
Floor Heating

Meitav-tec's Floor Heating Controllers are the simplest, most efficient solution for floor heating systems.
The various flush-mount thermostats available offer 16Amp Heating outputs as well as other features such as weekly program and special logic for parquet floors.
Power Supplies

HVAC Analyzers

KW/BTU Analyzer that offers a range of features never before included in a single instrument
Air Quality

Humidity Controllers

The Humidity controllers are available in either 24Vac or 12Vdc.
Some offer built-in humidity sensors, while others need to be used with Meitav-tec's external GHU/R or GHU/D sensors;
combined temperature and humidity sensor for room (GHU/R) or duct (GHU/D). Other features such as proportional integral outputs and weekly program are also available in certain units.
Snow Melting Control

The PYRO control systems offer driveways, walkways, paths, stairs, roof & gutter de-icing solution that prevent the formation of snow and ice for industrial, commercial and residential installation.
Snow Melting Control
Sensors and Accessories

Temperature and Humidity sensors
IR Remote Controls
Receiver panels and Decorative back plates
MaxiNet - Thermostat Network

The FIRST Plug'n'Play Thermostat Network system
suitable for small and medium applications

Thermostats with Built-in Communication for Building Management Systems.
BACnet, Modbus and others
Special Controllers