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Flush-Mount, 110~230VAC for most Fan-Coil applications,
with a special input + timer         NEW

The TAT-FC-SUPER3 series allows users the flexibility of having one main controller for most Fan-Coil applications.
It can be flush-mounted or installed directly into the Fan-Coil, with an External temperature sensor for the return air.
The TAT-FC-SUPER3 has a large and easy to read LCD with one tenth of a degree temperature display.
The TAT-FC-SUPER3 also offers a special contact input for 1 of 4 options:
  1. Auto-change over sensor, where the incoming water temperature dictates the Mode.
  2. Contact input for remote switch, which changes the Mode of one or many thermostats linked together.
  3. Contact input for remote switch that activates Economy mode.
  4. Contact input to Turn OFF units. 

Flush-Mount, 110~230VAC, Thermostat
Can be connected to:
  - 4 pipe system – 2 valves
  - 2 pipe system – 1 valve
  - Fan Coil – no valve
§ DIP switch control options:
  - Enable/Disable Auto mode
  - Normal temperature display or set point only
  - Fan on demand – always active or selectable
10 Hours timer to turn the unit ON or OFF
Remote control – option
Energy saving – cost efficient, environmental friendly
Available in different colors
Technician configuration:
  - Set point temperature limits for cool and heat
  - Lock the buttons
  - Offset for temperature reading calibration
  - Enable/Disable LCD backlight
  - Temperature scale – Celsius/Fahrenheit
  - Contact input – Normally open/close
  - Internal or external temperature sensor
  - Economy set point for cool and heat

data sheet     Owners manual     wiring diagram



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