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Main Board for Multizone systems up to zones.

The PS-MZ502 is and advanced multi-zone system that can control up to 31 Zones.
Suitable for Heat/Cool or Heat Pump applications, the PS-MZ502 allows for multiple stages of Cool and Heat.
The system’s Master Unit allows the user to view AND change the zone parameters, such as local On/Off and set point.
It is also used to set the main system parameters.
Through the main board, features such as proportional Fresh Air and Bypass damper outputs are available.
A special pressure sensor input exists, in order to control the bypass damper.
There are also 2 different fault inputs and 3 temperature sensor inputs.
All in all, the PS-MZ502 multi-zone system is the perfect climate control system for small to medium residential, commercial or industrial applications.

• Main Supply- 24VAC
• System Configuration selectable on the unit:
 - Heat/Cool, Heat Pump
 - multiple stages
 - 1 or 2 fan speeds
• Bypass damper output (0-10V) with 2 options:
 - By pressure
 - By number of rooms
• Fresh Air Damper output with 2 options:
 - By timer (certain number of minutes per hour)
 - By temperature difference (T1-T2)
• Input for air pressure sensor- for bypass output
• Compressor delay- option
• 3 temperature sensors:
 - T1- indoor temp (Fresh Air Damper)
 - T2- outdoor temp (Fresh Air Damper)
 - T3- duct temp (freeze protection in Cool, overheat protection in Heat)
• Economy (Set Back) Mode available for individual zones or all the system
• F1- Fault input, normally closed, voltage free- all system OFF
• F2- Fault input, normally closed, voltage free- alarm indication on master

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