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Main Controller with 2 outputs,
for 3-wire valves for Fan-Coil  Maxinet B.M.S.

The PS 1800-PM2-3S-FC-SUPER is a main controller, with Maxinet protocol, for Fan Coil applications, suitable for Maxinet B.M.S.
(Building Management System).
It has a modular, user friendly design with various Fan Coil applications built-in, field selectable.
This modularity allows you to have one main controller for different Fan Coil applications and suit it according to customer’s needs on the spot.
The PS 1800-PM2-3S-FC-SUPER also offers cost efficient capabilities, such as, occupancy sensor, window contact and auto-speed for maximum energy saving.
The PS 1800-PM2-3S-FC-SUPER is factory pre-programmed to save valued time on field programming.
Please note the PS-1800 is also available as a CTU-1601, with additional advanced features.

• Main Input- 230VAC
• Applications with jumper selection:
 - 2-pipe system
 - 4-pipe system
• Pulse Modulating outputs (3-wire) for Cool and Heat valves- 24Vac (opening/closing duration - adjustable)
• Auto-change-over sensor (Mode is set based on temperature of the incoming water flow, ideal for 2-pipe systems)
• Indoor coil sensor input for Heat (soft-start)
• 3 Speed output- 230Vac, 3Amp + Auto Speed
• Auto Fan option
• Wall and flush mount thermostats- option
• Pump output - synchronized with Cool output
• Fault input - dry contact, voltage-free, for occupancy sensor, window contact or fault input
• Occupancy sensor input - 12VDC supply - Normally Closed, active when open
• Work options – Off/Set point
• Auto-fan - option

data sheet     Owners manual     wiring diagram



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