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FMH-FC-Super4 Series

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Flush Mount, 230VAC or 110VAC Thermostat,
for all Fan Coil applications,
with a special input.

The FMH-FC-SUPER4 series allows users the flexibility of having one main controller for most Fan Coil applications.
It can be flush-mounted or installed directly into the Fan Coil, with an external sensor for the return air and water temperature.
The FMH-FC-SUPER4 also offers a special input for 1 of 4 options:
• Auto-change over sensor, where the incoming water temperature dictates the mode and/or a Soft-Start for the fan.
• Contact input for remote switch, which changes the mode of one or many thermostats linked together.
• Contact input for remote switch that activates Economy mode.
• Contact input to turn the unit off.

• Flush-Mount, 230VAC or 110VAC Thermostat
• Can be connected to:
 - 4 pipe system – 2 valves
 - 2 pipe system – 1 valve
 - Fan Coil – no valve
•  DIP switch control options: Manual Cool/Heat or Auto-change
• Display for set temperatures only
• Fan/Auto Fan or always Auto Fan – selectable
• Lock buttons– password protected
• Set point limits – password protected
• Soft-Start logic in Heat for the fan - adjustable
• Special Input for:
 - Auto-change over sensor - Mode is set based on temperature of the incoming water flow, ideal for 2-pipe systems.
 - Contact input for remote switch which sets the mode of one or more thermostats linked together (available only for 2-pipe systems).
 - Contact input to activate Economy Mode -unit reverts to pre-determined economy set points.
 - Contact input to turn the unit off.
• Energy saving – cost efficient, environmental friendly thermostat
• Remote control operation - optional

FMH-FC-Super4 Series
data sheet     Owners manual     wiring diagram



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