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Wall-mount, 24VAC, temperature and humidity controller,
with alarm and weekly program built-in.

The CHU-24-SUPER thermostat is a combined temperature and humidity controller.
It offers a selectable number of heating and cooling stages as well as an output for humidifier or de-humidifier.
The CHU-24-SUPER has a built-in humidity sensor which allows for adjusting a HUMIDITY SET POINT.
It also offers weekly programming (where set Cool, set Heat and SET HUMIDITY may be programmed) and alarm indication in case temperature or humidity limits are exceeded.

• Main supply- 24VAC.
• System configuration- Heat Pump or Heat/Cool (jumper selectable)
• Multiple stages for Cooling and Heating
• Output for Humidifier or De-Humidifier (jumper selectable)- 24Vac
• Humidity sensor built-in (0-10VDC)
• Adjustable Heat configuration; Electric or Oil/Gas system (jumper selectable)
• 5-1-1 weekly program with programmable set Cool, set Heat and SET HUMIDITY
• Re-heat function in humidity logic
• Alarm output (24Vac)- Indication in case temperature or humidity limits are exceeded
• Adjustable temperature set point range- 5°C-35°C
• Adjustable humidity set point range- 20%-70% RH

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