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 Thermostat with backlite display for various HVAC applications

Stylish designed with user friendly LCD display and silicon rubber buttons interface universal room Thermostat,
6 D/O, 2 A/O and 2 U/I., 24VAC (available also as line voltage model with Flush mount plastic housing) for both fan coil and air condition control,
suited for commercial and residential applications
Up to: 2 cooling stages, 4 heating stages, 3 fan speeds or VFS
Optional configurations:
  • Humidity - built in humidity sensor with optional humidifier/dehumidifier outputs
  • Occupancy sensor - built in OCC PIR sensor with integration to door switch algorithms.
  • Programmable - Optional weekly/daily programs

  • Clear icons on LCD for all the operation functions
  • Simple and easy functional pressed silicon rubber buttons
  • Easy configuration with DIP Switches and technician settings procedure
  • Full access to all the thermostat parameters from the technician settings menu
  • Temperature readings from the thermostat or from an External sensor
  • I/O list:
6 D/O - Maximum 3A each, 5A total
2 A/O - 0-10V
2 U/I - D/I or 0-10V input
  • Backlit display with adjustable dimming time
  • Optional External Temperature sensor
  • Optional Buttons Lock
  • °F/°C scale
  • Ambient Temperature display & reading offset
  • Occupancy sensor input – for energy saving
  • Economy Mode
  • Filter clean/replace alert with adjustable time
  • Freeze Protection – adjustable temperatures
  • Auto Fan (fan on demand)
  • Compressor protection delay timer
  • H/P and H/C heating configurations  

data sheet     Owners manual     wiring diagram



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