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  Multi-Zone Systems > Up to 31 zones

The PS-MZ502 multi-zone system is the latest and most improved climate control system for multiple zones.
Controlling up to 31 zones, the PS-MZ502 offers a wide range of features, all available through the same main board.
Suitable for either Heat/Cool or Heat Pump applications, the PS-MZ502 allows for up to 4 stages of Heat and 2 stages of Cool.
Since each zone and the master are pre-assigned an individual MAC address, the master can now be used to view AND set the local zone parameters (set point, local ON/OFF), as well as setting the main system parameters (ON/OFF, Mode, Fan).
A Fresh Air damper output is available, and the FAD can be controlled by 1 of 2 logics; or by a timer (minutes per hour) or by temperature (difference between indoor and outdoor temperature).
The bypass damper can also be controlled by 1 of 2 logics; by the number of rooms or by pressure.
A special pressure sensor input exists for this reason.
With 2 different fault inputs and 3 temperature sensor inputs, this new multi-zone answers all commercial or residential climate needs.


Main Board for Multizone systems up to zones.

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Master Controller for Multizone systems.

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Zone Controller for Multizone systems - wall mount,
With proportional output for damper.

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Junction Box.

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