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  Naming Conventions of Meitav-tec's products



Product name is usually an abbreviation of product model, followed by various possible features, such as operating voltage, number of Cooling/Heating stages, fan speed, or remote control.
               FMH type plastic cover
           220VAC operating voltage
         Heat Pump configuration


       2 Heating stages
1 Cooling stage
     3 Fan Speed
  Infra Red remote control

General Abbreviations

  • AC – Air Condition
  • FC – Fan Coil
  • HC – Heat / Cool (Cooling and Heating as 2 separate outputs without Heat-Pump operation)
  • HP – Heat Pump
  • Super – includes several configurations in one product, selectable by DIP switches
  • 1S / 2S / 3S – 1 Fan Speed / 2 Fan Speeds / 3 Fan Speeds
  • P – 2 Proportional outputs to the valve, 0-10V; one output for the Cool valve and one for the Heat valve
  • PD1 Proportional output 0-10V for Cool & Heat
  • PM – 1 Pulse Modulated output (also known as Open-Common-Close output) for both Cool and Heat valves
  • PM2 – 2 Pulse Modulated outputs for Cool & Heat
  • PMH – 1 Pulse Modulated output for Cool and 1 on/off output for Heat
  • PROG – Thermostat with Weekly Programming capabilities
  • FP – Freeze Protection algorithm
  • IR – Remote control can be used with the product
  • 01/02/03/0X (as an ending letter in the name) – Special features in the product differentiate it from the same product without the 0X name extension
  • Thermostats are typically divided to:
  1. Flush Mount
  MTS – Flush Mount, Horizontal type, Touch screen
  MTSV – Flush Mount, Horizontal type, Touch screen
  FMH – Flush Mount, Horizontal type
  FMT – Flush Mount, Vertical type


  1. Wall Mount
  ETNWall mount, Classic type





Product Families - Abbreviations


Following are Meitav-tec's product families with examples of product names:

On-Off Thermostats

ETN24-HC22-1S ETN plastic cover, 24VAC, 2 Heating stages, 2 Cooling stages, 1 Fan Speed control

ETN24-SUPER-3S-FP-PROG-C-EU ETN plastic cover, 24VAC, Heat/Cool & Heat Pump, 3 Fan Speed
                                                       control, Freeze Protection, Celsius (C°) temperature scale, Europe type
                                                       (weekly program)

Proportional Thermostats

FMT24-P-3S – FMT plastic cover, 24VAC, 2 Proportional outputs for Cool & Heat, 3 Fan Speed control

FMH24-PD-1S – FMH plastic cover, 24VAC, 1 Proportional output for Cool & Heat, 1 Fan Speed control

FMH220-P-FC-MDB01 – FMH plastic cover, 220VAC, Proportional outputs for Cool & Heat, Modbus
                                    communication interface

ETN24-P-PM-1S – ETN plastic cover, 0-10V proportional output and Pulse Modulated output for
                                               valve/damper, 1 Fan Speed control

ETN-24-PM2 ETN plastic cover with 2 Pulse Modulated outputs, 1 for Cool & 1 for Heat

ETN24-PMH ETN plastic cover, with 1 Pulse Modulated output for Cool and 1 on/off output for Heat


PS Controller or Power Supplier

MIGA Meitav-tec Controller


DA – Damper

DA-24-3W-T Damper, 24VAC, 3-Wire proportional output + Temp. sensor

Air Quality

GAQ – Air Quality

Sensors & Accessories

TS – Temperature Sensor

RS Room sensor with plastic cover

DT – Duct sensor

OS – Outside sensor

RT – Remote Control

Controllers with Communication Interface

PS-1800 – Controller with Maxinet protocol

PS-2500 / CTU-2500 – Controller with Bacnet protocol

PS-2500-P-3S-FC-SUPERController with Bacnet protocol, with proportional outputs for Cool & Heat valves,
                                          3 Fan Speed control, with built in configurations for various Fan Coil applications.

PS-4500 / CTU-4500 – Controller with Modbus protocol

CTU-4500-PM2-3S-FC-SUPER Advanced Controller with Modbus protocol, with Pulse Modulated outputs for
                                                Cool & Heat valves, with built in configurations for various Fan Coil

Special Controllers

EC-100 / EC-200 – Energy Controller


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