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Meitav-tec offers up to 25% energy saving
by installing the TLC in an already in service
A/C system.


The TLC, Temperature Limit Controller, is a simple, yet a highly efficient Temperature Limit Controller, which offers substantial energy saving of Air Conditioning by limiting room temperature for Cool & Heat.

Energy saving is field proven, as in a recent test held at customer's site, the TLC has saved 25% of energy consumption in a 6-month period!

The TLC is compact and easy to install at any existing AC system by connecting the compressor relay line to the TLC, the TLC overrides the AC control system and therefore can limit the Cool/Heat set-points. If ambient temperature exceeds the predefined limits, the compressor will stop working. The TLC will automatically re-operate the compressor according to these values.

The TLC allows significant energy saving in both commercial and residential applications while investment is minimal and installation is quick and simple.

Again, Meitav-tec designs solutions that allow significant reduction in energy consumption to save you money and protect the environment from global warming.




         Links to Product Datasheets:

  • Configurable Limit Cool and Limit Heat values via 2 manual knobs.

  • Power supply – 230VAC from the Air-condition line-in supply.

  • Easy, quick installation for any existing AC.

  • 1A, 230VAC output for compressor relay.

  • Compressor delay – jumper selectable.

  • No decline in convenience to user.

  • Cost effective Controller.

  • Return On Investment (ROI) is fast.

  • Dimensions: 52x52x20mm

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