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Newsletter – September 14, 2005 | Vol. 2

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FMH-220-Fan Coil-SUPER-II



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The FMH 220 Fan Coil Super II is an upgraded version of the FMH 220 Fan Coil Super everyone knows and loves. This flush mount thermostat is the latest in Fan Coil control technology, with one stylish thermostat offering more features and options than ever.

Fan coil applications are usually commercial. In order to obtain higher energy savings, and better performance levels, customers on these projects look for special features to restrict the end user.

New Amazing Feature: 

  • Auto-Change Over Sensor / Contact Input

 The FMH 220-FC-Super II has an extra contact input that can be used in one of two ways:


Auto-Change Over Sensor

A Coil Sensor or Auto-Change Over sensor can be connected. This sensor will feel the temperature of the incoming water and based on this, dictate the necessary mode, Cool or Heat. It also disables the Mode button on the thermostat. This is ideal for 2-pipe systems- no more worrying about changing Modes; is now automatically and accurately selected. This great feature helps save energy, increase efficiency and allows you constant peace of mind!!

 Contact Input

Another common problem in 2-pipe systems is the central Mode selection. The contact input allows customers to daisy-chain any number of thermostats and with one remote switch, change the mode, (Cool to Heat or vice versa) for ALL thermostats. Ideal for commercial applications such as hotels, office buildings, etc…

 And the all other great features remain……

For example:

  • Password protected set point limits. (do not limit the DISPLAY)
  • Complete lock the buttons, for public places.
  • Remote control option, for HIGH END users, at a low end price!
  • Selection of AUTOCHANGE (4-pipe systems) or manual Cool/Heat, (2-pipe systems), selectable in the dip switch.
  • Selection of no-valve system- thermostat acts on the fan.Gewiss box
  • Fits into standard Gewiss box.



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