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Newsletter - November 13, 2008 | Vol. 11


EC-200 Datasheet:


Energy Saving Tips

Energy Controller
Want to save HVAC energy costs in your existing projects?
Meitav-tec's Energy Controller (EC)
can provide you substantial energy savings
The EC is easily installed at voltage line between any existing HVAC System
and its Power Supply

Nowadays, when energy costs tend to rise frequently while awareness of global climate change is rapidly increasing, the issue of Energy Efficiency is picking up tremendous momentum on both the commercial and residential fronts.

Meitav-tec offers you to reduce significantly energy consumption and have a greener application by integrating its EC Energy Controller in any existing project at voltage line between HVAC system and power supply, not necessitating any modification or adjustment to HVAC system. The EC, a smart Energy Controller, connected to any HVAC application already in service, will eliminate energy waste in offices, conference rooms or hotel rooms, based on presence in a room.

Presence detection is achieved via an Infra Red Occupancy sensor, installed in a room, and an optional Contact Input, such as a door switch, a window contact or other Normally Closed input. If the IR sensor detects no presence within a certain, configurable time, and via information received from the Contact input, the room is reckoned to be un-occupied, the EC will cut off electricity to HVAC system. Upon detection, EC will automatically re-operate the system.

Aside from major energy savings, this fantastic, useful EC features numerous supplementary advantages:
EC Electrical Diagram

  • EC is integrated in an existing HVAC application
  • EC installation at voltage line is simple and quick
  • EC does not require any change / modification in the existing HVAC system
  • Financial investment is limited and affordable
  • Return On Investment (ROI) is immediate
  • No decline in convenience to user
  • EC controller set contains the controller + IR sensor (Contact Input - not included)
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