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Newsletter – July 14, 2005 | Vol. 1

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Sale - M4000



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Meitav-tec takes on Carrier








In every edition of our newsletter, one of our products will be offered at a special sale price. M4000MD - HVAC Analyzer


Our featured summer sale item is the M4000MD HVAC Analyzer.

This 6-in-1 analyzer is a revolutionary tool no HVAC professional should be without. It allows you to obtain measurements for single or multiple-outlets, as well as round grills. It measures temperature, humidity, air flow volume, output power, dew point and air velocity….all with the touch of a button!!!


Terms of Sale

Buy 11 units, get the 12th one free! That's 1 entire carton for the price of 11 units!

Each unit is discounted to 120 €/unit.

Sale ends August 31st, 2005.



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