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Newsletter – July 14, 2005 | Vol. 1

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Meitav-tec takes on Carrier









The MIGA-1 Fan Coil Super has been on the market for many years, proving itself as a reliable and successful product. It provides the OEM user with incredible flexibility in terms of applications, such as auto-change over in 2-pipe systems. And now, the MIGA-1 offers a completely new set of features, which truly make this product unbeatable!! Read more….


The MIGA1-FC-Super is a unique solution for the OEM market, with its flexibility and its all-in-one-unit capabilities.


With only one board and with simple jumper selections, the MIGA1 makes all fan coil applications are possible.


Miga 1 - Fan Coil - Super

 Manufacturing Advantage

Because the MIGA 1 always has the same main board, with the same jumpers and the same options, it allows for hassle-free manufacturing!!

Sales Advantage

Always having the same main board allows the user interface to be selected at the last minute!!!

Available user interfaces:

  • Remote control only

  • Wall mount thermostat - ETN

  • Flush mount thermostat - FMH

 Service Advantage

Because the main board is always the same, it has never been easier to answer telephone service calls, and on-line trouble shooting inquires.

It is the MAXIMUM flexibility of the MIGA1 that is the advantage and that makes all the difference to the OEM type of customers.

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