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Newsletter – July 14, 2005 | Vol. 1

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The FMH-220 Fan Coil Super is the most complete and flexible FC thermostat in the market, with the million dollar look!!! Its flexibility gives customers the advantage of having one main controller for most of their Fan Coils application.

A new and improved revision of the FMH is now available and offers more new features than ever…

In today’s market, everyone is looking for an edge, an advantage; more features for less.

What distinguishes systems today? The controls. It is the controls that are installed  on a system that bring about the desired advantages; installation savings, energy savings and the ability to have ONE control for most applications.

How? The microprocessors used today allow the same hardware to be used for more applications than ever, all in the same unit!! This gives the end user all the advantages they need and want.

Fan coil applications are usually commercial. In order to obtain higher energy savings, and better performance levels, customers on these projects look for special features to restrict the end user.

For example:

  • Password protected set point limits. (do not limit the DISPLAY)

  • Complete lock the buttons, for public places.

  • Remote control option, for HIGH END users.

  • Selection of AUTOCHANGE (4-pipe systems) or manual Cool/Heat, (2-pipe systems), selectable in the dip switch.

  • Selection of no-valve system-  thermostat acts on the fan.

All of these features are built-in the same unit, giving customers the freedom to stock the units but make all final decisions about applications during the actual sale.

In addition, the FMH can be mounted directly inside the fan coil, and used by simply connecting the external sensor!!!  

The FMH-220-Fan Coil-Super is the advantage. With the features, high-end look and affordable price, the FMH has it all, for ALL fan coil applications.


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