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Newsletter July 14, 2005 | Vol. 1

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Meitav-tec Takes on Carrier



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 Antonio Hornillos - President Sifri Srl - Agent for Spain

After long negotiations between Antonio and the client (and many sleepless nights!!!), Meitav-tec is proud to add Carrier Spain to its customer list.


Carrier, one of the biggest players in the international HVAC market, has found that the our quality products and the advanced features we offer, are above and beyond anything the low-cost far east could produce.

Text Box: Antonio Hornillos
President Sifri Srl
Agent for Spain 

As such, in 2005 Carrier will be purchasing more than 5000 units,

units that will be custom-made according to client specifications.

The units will mainly be one PROG thermostat, and one NON-PROG thermostat, all in 24Vac - ETN format.



(More information)      (More information)


This will of course increase our exposure in the European market, and will significantly help get the information about our product out there and known!!!


Good Job Antonio!!!!!


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