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Newsletter July 14, 2005 | Vol. 1

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Newsletter Announcement



More In this Issue:

Sale - M4000



Meitav-tec takes on Carrier





Meitav-tec Ltd. is proud to announce the official release of its newsletter.

A monthly edition will be made available to all Meitav-tec customers who request it, and will also be available through our website at www.meitavtec.com.  


 In early 2005, we at Meitav-tec decided the time had come to have a more regular and personal contact with our customers, a way to keep them informed about all the latest and greatest news in our ever-moving business and industry. Every edition will feature new Meitav-tec products, promotional items or sales, company event or news, and of course, dedicated space for reader feedback. We want to hear from you!!


In addition, if you are interested in receiving a workable version of our newsletter, to modify as you wish and send to YOUR mailing list, please click here and we will be happy to send you a WORD version. 


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