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Variety of Projects around the World

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+ Hotels

+ Office Buildings

+ Governmental 

+ Apartment Buildings

+ Condominium Towers

+ Shopping Centers

+ Exhibition Centers

+ Hospitals

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As a market leader in the field of HVAC temperature control, Meitav-tec's products are used all over the world in prestigious hotels, modern office buildings, huge shopping centers and governmental institutions. These projects include a variety of products, starting from simple thermostats through various controllers for Fan Coil and Air Conditioning up to advanced communication controllers compatible for B.M.S. (Building Management Systems).

Following is a partial list of Meitav-tec's project types around the world.




Name Country Unit
Intercontinental Hotel Hong Kong PS-3500-3S-FC-Super + ETN-X500
Hesperia Hotel Spain, Barcelona FMH-220-FC-Super-2
Radisson SAS Hotel Turkey PS-4500-FC-SUPER + ETN-X500

Bilkent Hotel

Turkey, Ankara FMH220-FC-SUPER-3
Hotel "Westminster" UK, London Thermostat + Power Supply
Hotel "Petka" Croatia, Dubrovnik Maxinet + PS1800-FC-SUPER
Hotel Maddalena Italy, Grottaminarda

Maxinet + PS1800-FC-SUPER + ETN/X500 panels.
Installation done by

Venetian Casino Hotel

USALas Vegas

ETN thermostat
Marriott Hotel

USA, Atlanta

ETN + communication
Marriott Marquis Hotel  USA, New York ETN-programmable thermostat
W Chicago Lakeshore USA, Chicago ETN thermostat
W New York 201 Park Ave USA, New York TED thermostat
Gramercy Park Hotel USA, New York ETN thermostat
Union Square USA

Fan Coil thermostat

Paramount Hotel USA, New York ETN thermostat
Houstonian Hotel USA, Houston TX ETN + communication
Don Shula Hotel USA, Miami Beach, Florida ERT thermostat
Vintage Hotels Canada,
Niagara On The Lake
ETN + communication
Casino Rama Hotel Canada, Ontario ETN-Super-SH
Comfort Suites Newmarket  Canada, Ontario ETN + communication
West Indies Anguilla, Caribbeans ETN24-Super-SH
ETN24-PM-3S (Cool Only)
Dom Hotel a Le Meridien Hotel Cologne, Germany Maxinet + PS1800-P-FC-SUPER + FMH/X500
SOFITEL Malabo Sipopo Le Golf Equatorial Guineas
Stanford hotel Hong Kong
PS3504-PM2-3S + ETN 3501-T1-T1


Office Buildings


Name Country Unit
IBM Building Israel, Tel-Aviv area AHU controllers + VAV controllers
Eurotower Croatia ETN-12-HC11-3S + PS102
Kodak Israel, Tel-Aviv area Under floor HVAC


Israel, Ra'anana Flush mount thermostat
Nice Israel, Ra'anana Flush mount thermostat
Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)- Elta Israel, Ashdod Controllers + Thermostats
40 Portman Square UK, London PS2500-PM2-FC-SUPER
Banco de España of Murcia Spain, Murcia Maxinet + PS1800 + CTU1601 + MCU


Governmental Institutions


Name Country Unit
Israeli Parliament Israel, Jerusalem PS-4501 controller,
Modbus communication
Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructures Romania ERT100/LCD


Apartment Buildings


Name Country Unit
Canary Riverside Apartments UK, London TED-220-C1-3S

Solair Building Battery Park

USA, New York CTR-24-3S
450 Washington USA, New York ETN24-HP21-2S
1269 Lexington USA, New York FMT24-SUPER-2S-FP-PROG
Quinta da Portela Portugal, Coimbra


Yoo project

Israel, Tel-Aviv area MIGA for water source application
Sha'ar Ha'ir Israel, Tel-Aviv area VAV controllers
Meridiana Gold Bologna , Italy FMH-220-FC-SUPER 4
USA, New York FMT24-HP32-PROG-01


Condominium Towers


Name Country Unit
Battery Park City River Terrace USA, New York CTR thermostat

Beekman Towers, 1269 Lexington

USA, New York FMT thermostat
Battery Park City site 23/24 USA, New York

FMT thermostat

305 East 85th St    

USA, New York FMT thermostat
Rock Rose Queens West USA, New York FMT thermostat
Battery Park Site 3 USA, New York FMT thermostat
Union Square USA, New York FMT thermostat
USA, New York FMT24-HP32-PROG-01


Shopping Centers


Name Country Unit
Westgate Sony project Kenya, Nairobi PS-1800-FC-SUPER + Maxinet

Özdilek Shopping Center

Turkey, Antalya PS-1800-AC-SUPER + Maxinet
Özdilek Shopping Center Turkey, Bursa

PS-1800-AC-SUPER + Maxinet

Özdilek Shopping Center

Turkey, Yalova PS-1800-AC-SUPER + Maxinet
Central Mall Pleven Bulgaria, Pleven PS-1800-FC-SUPER + Maxinet + CTU1601
Mombasa NYALI Mall Kenya
Maxinet + PS1800/FCSUP


Exhibition Centers


Name Country Unit
Tüyap International Exhibition Center Turkey, Istanbul

PS-1800-FC-SUPER + Maxinet + ETNX500

Tüyap International Exhibition Center Turkey, Bursa

PS-1800-FC-SUPER + Maxinet + ETNX500




Name Country Unit
Hospital Privado da Boavista Portugal, Porto


Hospital Privado dos Lusíadas Portugal, Lisbon


Asuta Hospital Israel, Tel-Aviv CTU-4501 controller, Modbus communication
The Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam Tanzania EP2/SW




Name Country Unit
Residenza Universitaria delle Grazie Italy, Udine Maxinet + MCU +
PS1807-FC-SUPER + FMH-X500

San Jose State University

USA, California ETN Super Programmable

Centro de Edafología Y Biología Aplicada Del Segura

Spain, Murcia

PS-1800-FC-SUPER + Maxinet + ETNX500
Bar-Ilan University Israel, Tel-Aviv area


Open University

Israel, Ra'anana Flush mount thermostats
University of Milan Bicocca
Italy MAXINET + PS1807




Name Country Unit
Tenerife Airport
Spain CTU4500-P-FC-SUPER + ETN/X500

Ben-Gurion Airport

Israel EP2/SW




Name Country Unit
Fronton Miribilla, Bilbao

Spain FMHC220-FC-MDB03




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