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Main Controller ALL-IN-ONE™.
Flexible solution for Fan coil applications with variable fan speed (EC motor fan).

VFS-FC-SUPER is a main controller for various F/C applications, with Modbus communication protocol.
Together with a wall mount thermostat panel or receiver and a remote control - this controller becomes highly attractive and an ideal 'general purpose controller'.
VFS-FC-SUPER has a modular, user-friendly design with various F/C applications built-in, field selectable.
This modularity allows you to have one main controller for different F/C applications and suit it according to customer’s needs on the spot.

• Main Supply – 230VAC
• ALL-IN-ONE system with jumper selection:
 - 2 pipe systems
 - 4 pipe systems
 - No valves systems
• Fan Configurations:
 - EC-motor – 0-10VDC control
 - 3 fan speeds
• Connection to BMS using Modbus

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