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Main Board for Multi-zone systems up to 7 zones,
with proportional damper outputs

The PS 2007/P is a fully featured Multi-Zone system that can control up to 7 zones.
It is compatible with Heat/Cool or Heat Pump HVAC systems.
The PS 2007/P offers proportional damper outputs (both for the zones and the bypass) and 3 different temperature sensor inputs.
With a separate master to control the system parameters (On/Off, Mode, Fan), the PS 2007/PE is an environmental friendly and energy saving system.

• Main Input - 230VAC
• Controls up to 7 zones
• Selectable system configuration- Heat / Cool or Heat Pump
• Up to 3 stages of Heat and 2 stages of Cool
• Selectable Heat output- Electric or Oil/Gas (jumper selectable)
• Modes: Cool, Heat, Fan Only- selectable through Master only
• T2- Outdoor coil temperature sensor (de-frost protection in Heat)
• T3- Indoor coil temperature sensor (freeze protection in Cool)
• Zone damper outputs- (Meitav-tec dampers only) - Proportional Integral logic
• Open/Close time 13-15 seconds, I=20mA
• Bypass damper output- proportional
• Master unit with weekly program- start time/stop time

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