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Main Controller ALL-IN-ONE™.
Flexible solution for AC applications.

The Best solution for hand held remote control general purpose unit.
The “STATE OF ART” design of the remote control and surface or flush mount thermostat makes this unit the most attractive on the market.
The flexibility gives the customers the advantage of having one main controller for most AC applications.
The Miga1–AC-Super has a modern design for the high requirements of the today’s market.

• Main Supply – 230VAC
• ALL-IN-ONE™ system with jumper selection:
 - Heat Pump (reversible) / Heat-Cool
• External sensor (T1)- option
• Indoor coil sensor (T3)– option
• T3- in COOL mode, de-icing occurs from 1°C to 8°C
• Outdoor coil sensor (T2)– option
• T2- in HEAT mode, de-icing occurs from -1°C to 16°C, defrost=4 min., break=22 min
• 3 Fan speeds and Auto Speed
• Auto Fan – selectable
• External fan output – option
• Surface or flush mounted thermostats – option
• IR remote control (programmable)- option
• On/Off contact for BMS

data sheet     Owners manual     wiring diagram



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