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Special Control, 6 Outputs On/Off and analog,
2 outputs for fan and 2 sensors input.

The M6000-T1-T2-AN controller is the best multi-stage display controller on the market today.
As opposed to many complicated units, the M6000-T1-T2-AN makes it incredibly easy to pre-set stages and all other parameters.
This, plus the 6 individually programmed outputs, gives users the unique ability to “custom-build” their entire HVAC control system.
The M6000-T1-T2-AN offers the following:
 - 6 outputs- fully programmable
 - 2 outputs for On Indication (fan)
Input for 2 temperature sensors to be used separately for each output (Meitav-tec sensors)
Analog Inputs (0-10VDC) to be used separately for each output (humidity, pressure, water flow, etc)
The M6000-T1-T2-AN is suitable for even the largest of applications such as chillers and big air-handling units.

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