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Wall-mount thermostat with built-in telephone communication capabilities.
Can be called from a remote location,
and settings such as mode, set point, etc. can be adjusted as needed via telephone.

The CEM-24-SUPER thermostat is the latest in room control technology and is ideal for residential and commercial applications.
With built-in telephone communication capabilities, the CEM-24-SUPER can be called from a remote location and settings such as mode, set point, etc. can be adjusted as needed.
This offers the user peace of mind as never before, making the CEM-24-SUPER indispensable to everyone!

• Main supply- 24VAC.
• Telephone communication- check or set mode and temperature from a remote • location by calling thermostat
• Selectable system configuration- Heat/Cool or Heat Pump
• Up to 2 stages of Heat and 2 stages of Cool
• Selectable Heat output- Electric or Oil/Gas (jumper selectable)
• External sensor- option
• Alarm indication output
• Fault input, 24Vac
• 5-1-1 weekly program
• Economy mode (set-back/unoccupied mode)

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