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Energy Saving and Efficiency of Air Condition & Light Systems At Public Buildings
Meitav-tec participated in the Israel 5th infrastructures conference 2016 at Avenue exhibition center, Airport city on July 13, 2016. Attended by Dr. Yuval Shtainitz, minister of national Infrastructures, energy & water, Israel Katz, transportation minister and senior leaders in transportation, real estate, energy, natural gas & water. A panel of expert executives led seminars & lectures about Infrastructure development along the years and current to future focal projects. Israel Volk, VP Israel sales & marketing of Meitav-tec, Ltd. presented the latest in HVAC control energy saving.


TCP/IP - Web HVAC Network Controller & Viewer
The TCP/IP/WEB enables web access to the HVAC Network Control program via an exclusive IP without the need for a main control computer, making the control simple, easy and most importantly accessible from any device with internet connection. The TCP/IP/WEB offers a user friendly interface with options for area/floor scheme display, text alarms to cellular phones, weekly programs, data logger and more.


AHU Controller
Meitav-tec's CTU Controller has been designed and configured to control Air Handling Unit (AHU) as per customer's specifications.
This high performance, reliable controller is locally operated by a panel display and communicates with the B.M.S by Modbus protocol.

Web based, mini B.M.S. program for easy thermostat network control.
It offers friendly interface and setting, energy saving and accessibility from anywhere in the world.



24VAC, Temperature Limit Controller for energy saving. The TLC will Turns the compressor On/Off as per adjustable temperature limits.


De-Ice controller
User Operation Presentation


PYRO-X - De-Ice control devices

Technical presentation 2013


De-Ice controller

Technician Operation Presentation 2013



De-Icer Optimizer Controller

Technical presentation 2013


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